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Message 40541 - Posted: 19 Nov 2019, 21:21:01 UTC

We need the ability to block people that make ad hominem attacks like this:
Aurum or perhaps "anguillan pirates" (same config).
(Info to team founder)

Standardbredhorse, did you pay this user to help you to go second legue ???
Then it is a real bad advertising for your honnest foundation.


You were on Gridcoin to make your crypto money. It is your right.
Now you navigate between other project to polluate all other normal users.
You place is not on SETIBZH, but inside the outsider of all competitions.
A free translation of a frenche expression : In country of blind, the cyclop are king.
You alone, after analyze, on some project, you do in only one day about 1% of the whole planet in one year !!!
What is your pleasure ? destroy depeding your humour ?
Showing you are the master with your server farm ?
You are now in Richard. OK but only since about one year in this team.
What are you searching ???
Not to help scientifical project. Only to destroy other.
In each case, I report you to Berkely.
Go back to your Gridcoin, but perhaps you was rejected after some falsifyng ..... marsinph

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Blocking Needed

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