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Message 40064 - Posted: 2 Oct 2019, 6:13:34 UTC

After seeing I figured I'd give this another shot. My last attempt didn't go too well, but I think it was due to a late hour and several missed steps on my part. Coincidentally, shortly after receiving errors, the machine entered a boot loop after restarting - but only now have I figured out that it just required reseating the ram. On to the questions.

Does this, as well as Atlas, require constant internet connectivity? From some reading, though I'm not sure if I am understanding this correctly, using improves CPU efficiency because of improved latency / ping times?
I've been reading about Squid proxy. Does involve two machines on the same network? Is this needed or is this just for added convenience and less bandwidth? Right now, at least on this network, there will only be this machine.
After installing this, Virtual box is no longer needed in conjunction? If it is, can the entire thing be managed headless, for the most part?
How much disk space am I looking at? The machine has a 120 gb ssd and 16 gb of ram paired with an fx8350. Any specific settings in project preferences I should be paying attention to with this in mind?
I'll be using Boinc tasks to monitor this remotely. I'm assuming that while this is running there can be no other projects alongside?
What bandwidth usage am I looking at?
I do have several Windows hosts. Would WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) work as a substitute, or is this too complex for Microsoft's integration to handle? I'm sure there are countless limitations and I would just assume that Windows Boinc would simply run the needed CVMFS or other applications, after they were installed of course. Probably just a dream at this point.
Any other tips, tricks, hints or things that I am clearly missing?

I'm super excited to get this going. While some may see it as a negative, I feel like these few extra steps really add something to the eventual crunching. It makes it fun and engaging when things aren't always what they seem and we find new ways to crunch those numbers without the vm errors cropping up. It's like being a part of something not many delve into. And it gives me an excuse to work in a Linux environment.

thank you for any help.[/list][/url]
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Message boards : Theory Application : Taking the plunge, but making sure I understand everything correctly first.

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