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Alessio Mereghetti
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Message 37060 - Posted: 19 Oct 2018, 8:17:24 UTC

Dear Volunteers,

In spite of the break and lack of simulation work things are moving behind the scenes! Most of the trackers have been busy with the preparation of and attendance to the HiLumi annual collaboration meeting. For instance:
* new scanning parameters for DA studies, to shed some light on open points concerning the different behavior of the two beams in the LHC:
* an update of DA results to the latest developments on HL-LHC optics:

The collaboration meeting is the most important event of the large collaboration, led by CERN, that is designing and building the High-Luminosity upgrade of the LHC. This is not only a forum to present and discuss recent results, but also an event that inspires new ideas and studies. Therefore, we would like to announce that in few weeks we will be back to you, counting on your usual fantastic and essential support, to launch new simulation campaigns!

Stay tuned!

Alessio and Massimo, for the SixTrack team
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Message 37077 - Posted: 22 Oct 2018, 23:02:31 UTC - in response to Message 37060.  

You're Welcome
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