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Message 34016 - Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 20:41:17 UTC

I think this is something for admins to figure out.

From BOINC forums:

Well, I tried to create an account at LHC@home today, and failed. Attempts were made using both BOINC Manager and the LHC web site. Both said to check my email address and password and try again. I did, several times. Nothing seemed funny about the password (~20 char. {A-Z}[a-z][0-9]), and it's a new account, so I'm guessing the issue is the email address, which contains an underscore (_). Could that be the problem? It's an account that I've used for several years in general, and also used to set up all my other BOINC accounts. Is there something different about the LHC validity check that doesn't allow valid email addresses?

Since I don't have an account, I was not able to post to the LHC forum, so I'm hoping someone will see it here.


Win10, BOINC Mgr 7.8.3

The simplest solution first, check that your email address isn't already registered:

Yeah, I tried that, but I just tried it again to be sure. Email address not registered.

So I started playing with the password: 18 characters, 16... all the way down to six, same error message - "check your email and password and try again." Then I tried a 5 char. password (minimum is 6) and got a different error message about the password being too short. All this would suggest that it's the email address that is causing the problem, not the password.

I guess I could try to register with a different email account, but I'd rather not, and would I be able to change it later? No clue what the issue might be with the email address, other than the underscore. Why would LHC have different requirements than the other projects, and why would they reject a valid address?
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Message 34017 - Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 22:03:21 UTC - in response to Message 34016.  

Thanks, Juha,
I posted this same reply on the Boinc forum so that Ardis should be able to find one or other. Hope it solves the issue.
It's not the underscore as my own email has one.
Could it be that you are trying to register using the old site? Last year there was a consolidation of the various LHC projects into one site The old site is still visible but many of its functions have been disabled.
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Can't create LHC@home account

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