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Message 33441 - Posted: 18 Dec 2017, 23:41:52 UTC

To ease my workload over the holiday season, I've gone back to the longer jobs we used to have -- 4,000 events/job rather than 2,500. (We'd reduced the event number while we checked if we could run many more jobs per batch than our original operation). So jobs will take correspondingly longer, but tasks should stay roughly the same; as I understand it, tasks finish when the totality of completed jobs in the task exceeds 12 hours, with a hard cut-off after 18 hours per task.
I don't think this should materially affect your running of tasks, except if you are in the habit of suspending computations frequently, where you might find that jobs are abandoned due to the VM being suspended too often.
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Message boards : CMS Application : Longer jobs

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