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Message 32187 - Posted: 2 Sep 2017, 1:01:41 UTC

Hi there,

I have a Linux computer with the settings below connecting via boinc that never received any tasks and the boinc command line doesn't show any error or user message, only says "Requesting new jobs: got 0 tasks". Any ideas why?


Machine specs as per LHC@home website:

CPU type GenuineIntel
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz [Family 6 Model 63 Stepping 2]
Number of processors 1
Coprocessors ---
Operating System Linux
BOINC version 7.0.27
Memory 1002.94 MB
Cache 25600 KB
Swap space 1028 MB
Total disk space 18.46 GB
Free Disk Space 14.33 GB
Measured floating point speed 2916.15 million ops/sec
Measured integer speed 17006.96 million ops/sec
Average upload rate 58.04 KB/sec
Average download rate 3716.14 KB/sec
Average turnaround time 0 days
Application details Show
Tasks 0
Number of times client has contacted server 34
Last time contacted server 2 Sep 2017, 0:30:35 UTC
Fraction of time BOINC is running 100.00%
While BOINC is running, fraction of time computing is allowed 100.00%
While is BOINC running, fraction of time GPU computing is allowed 100.00%
Task duration correction factor 1
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Message 32189 - Posted: 2 Sep 2017, 1:41:12 UTC - in response to Message 32187.  

Hello keiladias

I would have to say that computer would only be able to run SixTrack tasks here and we don't have any right now.

That machine doesn't have enough memory to even run the easy Theory tasks.

One good thing to do is get a deal on a 8GB ram stick and plug it in and then you could run Theory or the other VB tasks since you are only running one at a time with that single core.
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