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Postponed: VM unmanageable (263.00)

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Message boards : Theory Application : Postponed: VM unmanageable (263.00)

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Message 30162 - Posted: 2 May 2017, 15:36:48 UTC

Since the change from API control to VBOXManage control, essentially every Theory task I get goes into Postponed state after some minutes. Had to disable Theory completely. Other Applications are currently not affected.

Would there be any possibility to get API control back (which worked without any flaw)?

Toby Broom
Volunteer moderator
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Message 30165 - Posted: 2 May 2017, 16:27:14 UTC
Last modified: 2 May 2017, 17:10:24 UTC

I throttled back the max number of theory tasks to 50% of avaliable cores and it seems more reliable, however if the CPU load is high then they stall.

On most of my computers I just dissabled like you.

Message boards : Theory Application : Postponed: VM unmanageable (263.00)