Questions and Answers : Windows : LHC hangs
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Message 2030 - Posted: 23 Sep 2004, 7:31:27 UTC
Last modified: 23 Sep 2004, 11:47:57 UTC

The new WU ('v64lhc1000pro5s4') hangs in processing. It dont crash, it simply stops in the middle of the work. I be able to restart it by suspending Boinc and rerunning it. But its always a loss of time, because I cant look always at the stats of the processes. Hope, you can fix it soon.



So, I've investigate the problem a little bit further. It occurs, when a LHA-job is preempted and a climateprediction-Job is restarting. The climateprediction-Job is immidiatly preempted (same second), and then it halts. If I than suspend and restart Boinc, it works with the LHA-job. Any suggestions?
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Questions and Answers : Windows : LHC hangs

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