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Eric Mcintosh
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Message 25778 - Posted: 6 Sep 2013, 12:18:44 UTC

New thread as feedback is in several others.
I have resolved server out of space for the short term and
we will implement a proper fix soonest.

Issue remains with Linux executables I think. I have checked and
informed my colelagues. The ".exe" suffix is confusing but the pni
executables look OK (crash on my test machine without pni of
course, but OK on my modern one).We do not hae a MAC executable

Now things have settled down we pursue an analysis of the problem(s).
I do not want to go back because we urgently need the new physics in
this version.

Thanks for your patience and undersatnding Getting lots of results
anyway. Eric.

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Robert H

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Message 25786 - Posted: 6 Sep 2013, 19:07:15 UTC - in response to Message 25778.  
Last modified: 6 Sep 2013, 19:07:32 UTC

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Message boards : News : Status 6th September

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