Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : 64 Bit Mac Bus Error
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Gary Charpentier

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Message 25650 - Posted: 16 Jun 2013, 17:15:30 UTC

Is there a bug (32/64 int length) in the Mac version? Is there a spot where a pointer is cast to an int and then back? (Use size_t) That fails when run on a 64 bit Mac as the pointer is 64 bits wide but the int is 32. (The O/S intentionally writes zeros as the first four gigs of process space to force bus errors.) Could also be loading a 64 bit lib (framework) instead of a 32 bit lib. (check the link options) As these are happening with near zero run time it looks very much like a bug.

This 64 bit machine is working fine on many other projects.

process exited with code 193 (0xc1, -63)
SIGBUS: bus error

Crashed executable name: sixtrack_apple_gen
Machine type Intel 80486 (32-bit executable)
System version: Macintosh OS 10.7.5 build 11G63
Thu Jun 13 11:50:51 2013

0   sixtrack_apple_gen                  0x0020df9e  PrintBacktrace (in sixtrack_apple_gen) + 1022

Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
  eax: 0xffffffe1 ebx: 0x00000003 ecx: 0xbfffa61c edx: 0x9198ec22
  edi: 0xbfffa678 esi: 0x00000003 ebp: 0xbfffa648 esp: 0xbfffa61c
   ss: 0x00000023 efl: 0x00000206 eip: 0x9198ec22  cs: 0x0000000b
   ds: 0x00000023  es: 0x00000023  fs: 0x00000000  gs: 0x0000000f

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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : 64 Bit Mac Bus Error

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