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Message 25479 - Posted: 12 Mar 2013, 8:14:26 UTC

Definitions of God, The Devil, and Our Souls;

I believe in a real living God outside ourselves who created this universe, created life, and somehow left us in his dust as he blasted through this portion of time and space. I believe all of the lives of all of Earth and everything around us is part of God.

Humans are both God and the Devil. God is our ultimate goal. The devil is what happens when we lie to ourselves. Both are equally real and equally powerful. Humans have been making hurtful mistakes for many centuries and this must stop.

The soul is our consciousness and all animals have one. It contains not only our entire awareness of self and surrounding universe, but also our sense of ethics, our moral compass. Our souls are easily hurt but they will never mislead us.

It is time for humans to grow up as a species. Stop the parades and hypocrisy. Be real. We all find ourselves here, in the internet, alive! Please let us pray
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