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Message 24917 - Posted: 3 Nov 2012, 20:32:31 UTC

Does lhc@home volounter computing project SixTrack makes difference for those guys at CERN or not, i mean do they even bother to look at results that we are sending them, thanks for answer in advance ! :)
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Message 24920 - Posted: 3 Nov 2012, 21:20:09 UTC - in response to Message 24917.  
Last modified: 3 Nov 2012, 21:20:46 UTC

Yes. Example:
The author of this message is (as I understand it) the leading scientist when it comes to sixtrack. He is the driving force behind it.

About once a month he is writing a status message in the news section. On newer BOINc clients (7.xx series) these will also be displayed in the message tab.

His last news:
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Message 24922 - Posted: 4 Nov 2012, 12:34:14 UTC

Thankyou Christoph, but I am just the IT implementer of the
SixTrack interface to BOINC. The results are indeed useful
as can be seen from the published papers which reference the
BOINC volunteers contribution.

Right now I am the main user as I am running an intensity scan
on behalf of the Group. I a behind with the analysis and also I have
the famous prblem of the "tail" so that none of my current studies
are actually complete and ready to be analysed!

I hope to send a new Status Report today. Eric.
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