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Message 24767 - Posted: 2 Sep 2012, 15:34:14 UTC

Well all seems to be running rather well as seen from the
CERN side. So I present the topics for review on Tuesday.
1. IT report on LXTRACK proposal (to greatly improve facilities for the
physicists including more disk space and much improved reliability).
2. Proposal for a second "test" server (to test very long jobs, to try returnig
the full results, without affecting the current service).
3. Project Status and open issues from the MBs:
a) More buffered work (user request).
b) Access to boinc01! Apparently some attempts to contact this obsolete service.
Could be WWW pointers or what.
c) HTTP problems, one user? (I need to send byte count and MD5 checksum.)
d) MacOS executable. Open issue; works for some people.
e) Deadline scheduling Seems that work is deleted because volunteers fear their
contribution will be wasted. But is this true? I have 99.999% results OK but how many
WUs were not credited............
f) GPU enabled SixTrack
4. A.O.B. including Date and time for a small party and the invitation list
to celebrate recent progress and the many helpful comments and suggestions.

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Message 24779 - Posted: 4 Sep 2012, 7:00:19 UTC - in response to Message 24767.  

Great news from Cern !
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Message 24781 - Posted: 4 Sep 2012, 12:33:15 UTC

I hope there will be the "Frequency (in Hz) that should try to complete individual work chunks" feature like in MilkyWay@Home for GPU version.
It would help the "normal/small users".
I don't know if it can be applied to any gpu work or if Milkyway got a specific thing allowing this feature though.If it's the latter, it's just too bad.
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