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Aaron Finney

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Message 23885 - Posted: 13 Feb 2012, 0:44:56 UTC

(Wholly conceived by me, based upon my visualization of the Universe, in my head.)

"Manipulating gravity in order to move the fabric of space to thereby move you faster than light."

If gravity is responsible for the flexing and bending of the fabric of space, it might be possible to manipulate the gravity in front of an object to accellerate not the object itself, but the *space itself* surrounding the object, to fling it through the rest of space at speeds far greater than the speed of light. The limits on Superrelative/Hyperrelative speed is possibly infinite, HOWEVER --- One must also know the universal dynamics of the resistance of such a "globule" travelling through it's own "stuff". Does it have surface tension? Would it create drag, heat, or some other byproduct? One must then think of space, not as a liquid, or a vacuum, but more of an emulsion. -- Much like the homogenization process used in milk, microscopic "pockets" of spacetime might be propelled through the "space" mixture in their own sections of relative space. For an easier model --- consider a bathtub full of boiled eggs, with the yolk as the gravity well. Of course, this is only a stationary representation.

Next, let's imagine a much larger body of "eggs" this time an entire celestial body made of them. Let's ignore the fact that the weight of the eggs would crush the eggs "below" them, and suspend this enormous batch of boiled eggs in a three dimensional space with no orbit or motion.

Push an egg - Change the universe.

Next, let's consider the yolk's as seperate galaxies.

The white portion of the egg, could be considered the sections of space between galaxies, but now we have to stop thinking of the eggs as eggs, and change the material and texture of the seperate yellow and white portions of the egg to be slightly more fluidic in nature, and not restrict them to specific shapes like we see inside actual eggs. Let's then refer to them as galaxies from now on, but retain the simplicity of the egg design.

Would it be possible then, to propel yourself through the galaxy using gravity, much like using a water hose in a swimming pool? --- The Obverse of using a gravity "well" persay, in this case using a gravity void. I suppose if it's possible to control gravity in such a way (and therefore the fabric of space itself) one would find many artful and creatively complex ways of doing so efficiently.

FTL is possible - Space moves, you don't.

Does this mean that wormholes, are the (in?)complete real(visual)ization of what I just wrote above?

Further, imagine that the properties of the space surrounding the yolks must change the closer you get to them. Let's try to imagine that the white portion of the egg is much less defined, and more like a drop of red dye sitting in a jar of water.

Except that.. the dye itself actually changes the relative gravity and thusly the space around it to hold it somewhat together, rather than totally expand.

This might help explain what gravity is, as less of an effect, but more of the shape of a four dimensional object.

Seems odd to imagine gravity as a dimension, but if it is such -- It would explain why we can calculate it, we just can't see it without a visual representation of it's effects.

Next ! --- Let's imagine a black hole as a supercondensed portion of the fabric of space. Basically, if you have condensed the fabric of space so that it is stretched down around this black hole... It's possible that by going into one, you would then get sucked into a much more different relative space of the tissue of the universe... like passing through a lens, rather than through an event horizon. Such changes would possbly not harm a traveller the size of a human space ship for example, as the fabric of space surely would only relatively change so rapidly. In order to visualize this, let's use one of those circus mirrors which expands and contracts what appears when we look at it.

Moving through the event horizon would be much like a microscopic organism moving across your body, as visualized on the mirror at again an EXTREMELY slow relative speed. Such would be the way a human sized ship would travel through this space. --- Of course, from our vantage, it may look entirely different, because the passage that which light must take in order to reach us would be warped at best -- If it was even visible.

The problem most science might have with visualizing the event horizon is that the object is moving --- I wonder if it's possible to consider that the object remains stationary, and the space around it moves?

Perhaps I have no clue what I'm talking about, but I would be tickled to have a little discussion on this random thought I had this afternoon, even if it's just to completely destroy it's creativity by pointing out some simple things that make such a thing impossible. --- For thinking outside the box can help you with what lies within said box.
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Profile Tom95134

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Message 23886 - Posted: 14 Feb 2012, 19:59:07 UTC

This sounds similar to the theory in Cyrano de Bergerac explaining how Cyrano flew to the moon.

Sitting on an iron platform--thence
To throw a magnet in the air. This is
A method well conceived--the magnet flown,
Infallibly the iron will pursue:
Then quick! relaunch your magnet, and you thus
Can mount and mount unmeasured distances!

Just as obviously, the faster you can throw the magnet the faster you will move.
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Message 25620 - Posted: 30 May 2013, 7:17:57 UTC

in the Mass Effect video games, the term Mass Effect was creation of high density gravity wells in front of space ships to allow them to move at FTL speeds. Of course the "engines" in these ships required an imaginary element called Element zero or "E-zo." the concept is sound its just that we currently have nothing that can manipulate gravity in such a way to just pull our ships along though space.
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