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Message 23866 - Posted: 28 Jan 2012, 3:33:36 UTC

I am running Win7 SP1 with all the latest updates on a Core 2 Quad CPU @250 GHz, with 8GB of RAM, with BOINC installed on the 229 GB boot partition, with 20GB set aside for BOINC, and with 45GB of free space. I have BOINC Manager v6.10.18.

For roughly the last two months, when the program would start up I would occasionally get this error message. [I presume it only occurs when one particular project that I am linked to starts... and then immediately ends.] W7 kind-of ticks me off, because the Error message truncates the address, so there is no clear depiction of where the problem lies. I think it is here.

When that message occurred on the program starting (after 5 minutes of no user activity), this error [with it's message] also prevents the screensaver from starting. [Don't know if that helps, but figured I'd include it.]

I believe that it is this project that is at issue. That is because I have not seen it's screensaver since this problem began, and my "" page shows "0.00%" for "Recent Average Credit" and I believe I saw on some page (lost it and can't find it again), that I have had no credit added for a couple months - about the same length of time this error message has come up.

In the log, the red line(s) I find for here are:

But the website shows that there are jobs available.

I have tried - per the main page here - to disconnect, and reconnect to this project, but even since doing so the same message returns.

I thought if there was a manual way to check for the correct - changed/new - address for LHC@home I could do so, but I cannot find such a thing.

Any ideas what might help? Thank you!
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Profile jujube

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Message 23867 - Posted: 28 Jan 2012, 8:44:10 UTC - in response to Message 23866.  

First thing you need to realize is that the server status page is a cached paged which is updated every 15 minutes or so. That means the server does NOT count the number of tasks ready to send when you click the server status link. The server counts the ready to send tasks when it feels like it (every 15 minutes or so) so the reported number of tasks ready to send is the number that were ready to send a few minutes ago which is probably not the number ready to send when you click the link. That's why you can see "100 ready to send" then click Update in BOINC manager and get "Project has no jobs available" in the log.

Another thing you need to realize is that this project rarely has any work. That means if some project's science application is failing the odds are it's not this project's science app. If you want to know which app is failing wait for that useless error message then look in BOINC's log for a message indicating a task failed with no finished file. I have a hunch it's not this project's app because your list of tasks indicates you haven't run a task for a while.

Another thing you can check is Windows' system event logs when you see that message popup. Sorry, I have no idea where those logs are because I don't run Windows.
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Keith Jillings

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Message 24988 - Posted: 3 Dec 2012, 1:46:19 UTC - in response to Message 23866.  

Did you ever find a solution? My PC has just taken to doing exactly the same thing with "terminate in an unusual way". I don't know who the application's support team is.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Error: "Runtime Error! ...request to terminate it in an unusual way..."

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