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Message 23799 - Posted: 4 Jan 2012, 9:00:30 UTC

It seems there are some discussions about the 'sixtrack'/ LHC@home project-
I found different statements in some of the posts, so can anybody answer, if

- the project (now at CERN) is still alive?
- does it offer any jobs these days?

I'm member of the (original) LHC project since years and found for a very long time, there was no work to do.

Later I discovered, that the project moved to CERN -
I did the (re-) installation and found, there's still no work available...

Has this anything to do with my installation (I found also statements about virtual box needed)?

Any feedback would be appreciated...

Thank you very much in advance!
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Message 23800 - Posted: 5 Jan 2012, 3:04:35 UTC - in response to Message 23799.  

This project is still alive. There has been lots of work since the move back to CERN but it has not been continuous work. There are still long periods of time between batches of work units, however you should have received some work by now. After the move back to CERN there was some confusion/changes with the URL so perhaps you are not attached to the correct URL. The correct URL is given on the home page. The URL in the Add A Project Wizard is also the correct URL.

Please note there is no work available at the moment and there might not be for a few more weeks.

This project does not require VirtualBox. There is another project from CERN called Test4Theory@home and it is related to the LHC too. That is the project which requires VirtualBox and there is unlimited work from that project, it never runs out.
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Message 24816 - Posted: 10 Sep 2012, 20:31:06 UTC

I'm curious if anyone knows if LHC@home is still sending WU? I attached to this project a few months ago, received some work, then nothing more.

I've updated several times, it is not suspended, there is plenty of HDD space and all preferences are within normal limits.

Please enlighten me/us.
Thank you for your time.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Project still alive?

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