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Message 23407 - Posted: 7 Oct 2011, 21:49:04 UTC

Please keep this discussion on topic about credits.
The other situation is being dealt with and does not need discussing.
Additional reminder, please everyone read forum rules, they appear to the left when you compose a post, there is also a link "more info" for you to read.
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Message 23416 - Posted: 9 Oct 2011, 8:50:36 UTC - in response to Message 23407.  

I have a slight problem with credits. I have completed 2 tasks and their scores show when I display my project graphs on my desktop. However when I go to BOINC stats the project LHC@home is not appearing in my BOINC stats and graphs. I have added other projects and they appear in my statistics almost as soon as I have done work. Is this aBOINC problem or an LHC@home issue ?
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Message 23418 - Posted: 9 Oct 2011, 9:50:36 UTC



There are dozens of BOINC projects, so you are free to choose any.
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Message 23419 - Posted: 9 Oct 2011, 9:57:54 UTC - in response to Message 23339.  

This is obviously a dangerous subject. I hope I don't get banned for posting, or for laughing at some of the posts.

I am a noob at BOINCing, just 6 weeks at work. The credits have two values to me: psychological so I can see how I am doing, and descriptive so I can compare projects. So if I spend equal amounts of time at LHC and MilkyWay, but get vastly different amounts of credit, I tend to wonder if one project is better than the other, or if my computer is somehow not as good at one as the other. Either way, the psychological effect is that I want to do the project that gives higher credit first.

Now I must consider all these arguments. Fine. I will continue to try to give equal time to each project, will still be happy when I receive credits, and have now started to covet a GPU.


it is only up to you to chose the projects for your personal preferences. There are many people here, gaining for credits, as they would become rich. Others measure the effency of their computational donation on credits/second or GPU GFlops/credit or......

Even if I'm lokking on the granted credits, this is not my primary aspect. For me it is important to have a link to practical science in physics. That's why I'm crunching for Einstein@home and LHC@home. And since LHC@home does not have very work to do, most of my work is for E@H.

To detect gravitional waves would be a breakthrough in physics, even if the detectors might not yet be sensitive enough. Finding (binary) pulsars, which might create gravitational waves, that are detectable is very interesting. And to evaluate the data of the Fermi telescope to detect gamma ray pulsars is also very interesting.

I don't know, if LHC does realy need the computational power of home users for sixtrack. They are crunching much higher data workload in much shorter time steps. But if it is a very very little piece of contribution to make breakthrough detection of e.g. Higgs bosons, then it is worth it, regardless the credit granted.
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Message 23421 - Posted: 9 Oct 2011, 12:01:29 UTC - in response to Message 23416.  

Is this aBOINC problem or an LHC@home issue ?

Neither. BOINCStats and all the other stats sites will have to import the statistics of the projects. I don't know of any project that constantly, every minute, updates the statistics in the format that the stats sites can read. I also don't know of any statistics site that will download real-time statistics off any project website.

So, the project will make new stats files once every 6, 12 to 24 hours, as it adds some overhead on the servers. The stats sites will pick up this information once every 6, 12 or 24 hours and use that data in their site.

But it won't ever be that credits you had just minutes ago will immediately show up on any of the stats sites.

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Message 50072 - Posted: 29 Apr 2024, 11:18:00 UTC

Can someone explain to me why this work unit, which took over 13 hours, only earned 7.38 credits?
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Message 50073 - Posted: 29 Apr 2024, 11:29:22 UTC - in response to Message 50072.  
Last modified: 29 Apr 2024, 11:39:44 UTC

We all are in the same boat.
It's a Boinc problem, NOT LHC.
You can search in the messagefolders here.
You can do a Benchmark in Boinc and hope it change something.
But, not really.
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