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Message 21386 - Posted: 22 May 2009, 14:24:57 UTC

Many of you may have used the BOINC Wiki at to solve your problems with BOINC.

Much of the documentation on the site is still relevant to BOINC 6, although some needs reworking to encompass BOINC 6\\\'s new interface and other details.

I therefore would like to ask anybody with information about BOINC 6 to spare 5 minutes at some point over the next two weeks to simplify a page, improve a page or create a new page (or if you are feeling helpful, all three).

In addition to this, the domain names expire on June 4th 2009. At this time, the current sponsor dislikes the adverts that were present, and continuing to supporting the domain names is an additional burden on his expenses, and I cannot support them myself. I should point out that Eric Myers has, been incredibly helpful and supportive providing the domains for the past two years, but I feel it is time that I took control of the domains for the site I have worked to keep running.

The total cost of domain names for the BOINC Wiki is about £52 per year, and this year there is an additional £30 overhead this summer to migrate to a different name provider.

All I ask is that anyone who found something useful on the Wiki donate a small amount using Paypal to keeping the site running - a Donate button is provided on every page.

I hope you will respond to this in the way I know the community will.

Many thanks for your support.

-- Chris Malton (BOINC Wiki Administrator)
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