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Message 21379 - Posted: 12 May 2009, 5:34:00 UTC

Hi everyone,
My name is Forrest and I have been following the “LHC” project for the last year and a half and just found myself so interested in it. I have one word “WOW”!

I have been doing distributed computing since 2003 for a HIV/AIDS site; and I use BONIC and I thought I would go out and see what else there was.
When I found this project offered from BONIC I was ecstatic about it! I told my partner Garee about it and he also thought it was neat.

To find out that there is no work disappointed me… However I’m not going to disconnect this project from BONIC in hopes to be able to help crunch; so cool!!!

I’ve been reading around on this site but not sure who is saying what, so I’m not sure if there will be work again but from what I have read it looks like it might happen here soon to where we will get work?

Please let me know or direct me to the right forum to read and to catch up!

Thank you sooooo much!

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