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Message 21306 - Posted: 17 Mar 2009, 2:47:47 UTC

Here\\\'s a copy of an email I received from the American Astronomical Society just in case anyone else is interested in participating. My dot is already on the map for tonight.


More than one-fifth of the world population, two-thirds of the United
States population and one half of the European Union population are
unable to see the stars in our Milky Way galaxy arch across a
pristinely dark sky. With half the world\\\'s population now living in
cities, this problem is only getting worse. Yet you can easily be part
of a local solution to a global problem.

Shed light on light pollution! Take a few minutes to monitor your
local night sky brightness, place your measurement on-line noting your
location, date and time and within a few weeks see a map of light
pollution levels worldwide.

Be part of the \\\"GLOBE at Night\\\" citizen-science campaign and make a
world of difference! The GLOBE at Night campaign runs March 16-28,
2009. Help preserve our natural heritage for generations to come. Find
out more information at the GLOBE at Night web site
( GLOBE at Night is an official International Year
of Astronomy Dark Skies Awareness cornerstone project.

To learn more about other IYA2009 Dark Skies Awareness cornerstone
projects and the effects of light pollution, visit the links on
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