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Message 20882 - Posted: 27 Dec 2008, 0:51:59 UTC
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I was thinking that a useful feature for BOINC or the managers (I have been hoping that gridrepublic will become more useful) would be a way to end projects gracefully, automatically ending projects and detaching clients from them when the projects are no longer running.

Currently, I have many projects running, including LHC@home. LHC@home seems to be a temporary project, and will come to an end sometime after the LHC is fully up and running since the project is only for the LHC*s design and will not be used for analyzing data generated by the LHC. Other projects, too, will end or never get past the early phases.

My computer, however, was trying to connect to this LHC@home website for months without success: the BOINC manager was unable to connect, and my internet browsers always timed out and gave up when I tried to visit the site. It appears that this site is back, at least temporarily, and there is some new work, but, when this project does end for good, how will we know it is time to detach our BOINC clients, freeing up the space on our HDs and no longer trying to get more work units?

PS--edited to remove the mess the forums made of my apostrophe marks. Anyone know why that happens? I did not see a way to fix it under BBCode tags.
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Message 20940 - Posted: 10 Jan 2009, 9:20:29 UTC

The project is still alive. Work would only issued, if the scienstist need computations.
Have a look at this thead :
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Way to end projects gracefully?

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