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Message 20827 - Posted: 27 Nov 2008, 14:49:09 UTC
Last modified: 27 Nov 2008, 14:51:07 UTC

What's that for a user ? :

User : splitting viagra ow
Image : (not available, but the name is clear).
Computer : nux (no computers)

Spam on Boinc project ... We are infected by this `#§ç*£*°*@ ...

If you aren't a spam, sorry, but change nickname ... :D
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Profile Mary

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Message 20840 - Posted: 30 Nov 2008, 23:55:02 UTC

Every BOINC project has some spam accounts that pop up. Some projects have started to check profiles before you are allowed to post them or require you to be active in the project for a certain amount of time before you can even have a profile (ex. Einstein@home). It would be nice if they would get a little tougher on spam here, but until then try to avoid those accounts since some of them have links to hack into your account and such.
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Profile Gixermouse

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Message 21118 - Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 7:33:01 UTC

I tried Viagra once. It got stuck in my throat and I had a stiff neck for days......

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