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Message 20309 - Posted: 13 Sep 2008, 10:38:58 UTC

im almost a little sad how little interest the average person has in science. Most people don\\\'t realize that the things they have grown to love in one way shape or form come from scientific research. People just dont care!

I\\\'m really shocked how the LHC has gotten the attention it has, opening the eyes of many. Though there are so many others with eyelids glued shut, I really feel like this was a giant leap for mankind.

thanks to all those who made the LHC possible.
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William C Wilson

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Message 20358 - Posted: 14 Sep 2008, 22:03:04 UTC

You only shocked? In the early 70s I worked at NCAR in Boiulder and then transfered to Palestine Texas when graduated to be with the National Scientific Balloon Facility there. I remember one research showed me some results of a several thousand pound emulsion plate we flew by balloon to over 135,000 feet. Was something the weight of an electron with a positive charge, back in 1972 or so.

Why do I donate computer time, keep mine upto date? Because I feel like the US has forgotten science. Living in Brazil now for many years, it sure looks like it.

After space shuttle, will be years befor the US goes on their own back to space. Moon, I hope I live to see it again. Hubble, being forgotten, and one of the bigest advances in science like the LHC will be.

About time, people see science again, and the LHC I hope does that. But with some of the news agency articles, end of the world, come on now, how do they think? JQ Public is living in the stone ages again. Lets hope LHC gets science moving again. This is great, and want to help, even if a few hours a day in number crunching. At least what I can do.
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