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Message 20013 - Posted: 6 Sep 2008, 18:16:45 UTC
Last modified: 6 Sep 2008, 18:17:21 UTC

In a previous thread, there were complaints of work units being cancelled by the server as redundant. Now that Alex has fixed the work unit status db it is plain that some of the returned work units were mistakenly classed. An example would be although there are others. To be fair, some of the work units I had in that group were declared redundant as the last one to be returned, but only after no work being done on them and still within the completion time frame.

I don't expect to receive any score for those "redundant" work units, but this does indicate an underlying problem which will need to be addressed.

Thanks go to the staff for their successes in repairing the site. Unfortunately this seems to be a multiple alarm fire.
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