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Message 19636 - Posted: 17 May 2008, 22:43:00 UTC

For more than 2 weeks I don't recieve any new tasks. In fact from the day i've attached to the project I've received just one task and completed it. I've rested the project, even detached to it today and attached again but with little use it seems. Any ideas?
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Message 19640 - Posted: 18 May 2008, 8:47:23 UTC

This project rarely has work.

The past few months we have had a relatively constant supply of work, as in about once every two weeks new jobs are submitted. We usually finish it in a few days though. This still is not always enough to go around.

In my opinion the best way to get LHC work is a short queue with a high resource share for LHC.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : No new tasks

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