Questions and Answers : Windows : FPU usage and Graphic question
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Message 19494 - Posted: 19 Apr 2008, 9:07:56 UTC

Hi, im new to this @home thing. and i saw on another thread about FPU is what's being used.

to my understanding, CPU's FPU is no where near as good as a GPU's FPU. if i remember correctly, my Q6600 at 3.3Ghz only have a few MFLOPs while my 8800GTX have more than 500 MFLOPs.
so, is there any plan of using Cg to make nVidia graphics cards to help your calculations?

i discovered this website while researching for a university essay (about LHC, including how it confines particle, and how it accelerates particles) can i ask what exactly does the graphics show?
can you give me some basic numerical analysis on how LHC accelerates and confines the particle?
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Message 19500 - Posted: 20 Apr 2008, 7:44:21 UTC

The FPU in graphics cards tends to be faster but less precise. So they are not as useful for projects as the raw numbers would make you think. BOINC is making improvements that will make the GPU easier for projects to use, however I doubt this project will ever be suitable for using them.

The graphics show pretty pictures and are unrelated to the task being processed here.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : FPU usage and Graphic question

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