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Message 19065 - Posted: 23 Feb 2008, 4:08:18 UTC

It would be helpful to the project if old inactive hosts that will never be reattached to the project were deleted by the User.

How 'bout it folks do you have dead wood to delete? It won't effect your totals or points.


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Message 19067 - Posted: 23 Feb 2008, 4:43:16 UTC

I always try to keep my herd well-trimmed :)
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Message 19070 - Posted: 23 Feb 2008, 10:55:03 UTC
Last modified: 23 Feb 2008, 10:56:01 UTC

I've tried to do this but I think there was a problem a couple of years ago whereby a new host was created every time you contacted the Project. That's left me with several hundred inactive hosts that are basically all the same two machines.

Every now and then, I'll delete a page's worth but they have to be done individually with several pages being navigated between each delete. I soon lose heart!

Perhaps a 'Select All' box or a tick bock next to each host would help?
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Message 19071 - Posted: 23 Feb 2008, 13:35:51 UTC

Yes, agreed, i just merged a page full of the same computer today. :( lets see for how long it stays like that.
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Message 19076 - Posted: 23 Feb 2008, 21:09:12 UTC

The merge function has a "select all" button. However there is a limited number of hosts it can do at once. I was over that limit several times when we were having the problem.

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Message 19078 - Posted: 24 Feb 2008, 9:00:05 UTC

I would love to delete my inactive hosts but unfortunately they still have dead results from 2005 attached to them so I can't. And while it would be nice, in the end it doesn't really make that much difference to the project as far as the database goes. The difference between 140,000 (total) and 30,000 (active) host records in the database is really negligible. Seti has over a million in their database...
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