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Message 18599 - Posted: 14 Nov 2007, 17:08:22 UTC

Now #10 in the world.

All Australians and anyone who is interested, is invited to join a team involved in all BOINC projects, become part of the Aussie Alliance and compete with the largest national teams.

BOINC@AUSTRALIA has a great member retention and participation rate, better than most other teams. Please pop in and find out why.

We're here for the science but enjoy the fun. We have a team web site, active forum, team camaraderie and best of all great team members. If you're interested please click on the link in my signature.

* BOINC@AUSTRALIA is in the top 10?
* We're ranked 10th out of 65,000 world teams for combined BOINC projects.
* We're the #1 Aussie team, with more than 199 Million credits - That's a lot of science!
* The team is active in all current BOINC projects.
* We're still growing and looking for more members in any BOINC project.
* Your existing BBC Climate credits come with you.
* Future credits from all projects will help build a powerful Aussie Alliance.
* BOINC@AUSTRALIA has over 1,000 members.

Together, we'll not only be the top Australian team, but in the top 10 of the world.

We are open to new suggestions, new members and new science. Come and look us over - You can check out our web site by clicking on the team logo below and also have a look around our forum.

Once you are a member of the Team join the Forum using the same name and email address so that I can confirm you are a member of the Team.

Proud Founder and member of

Have a look at my WebCam
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Message 19138 - Posted: 1 Mar 2008, 13:09:43 UTC

BOINC@AUSTRALIA needs help crunching extra science crunched in LHC.

The Large Hadron Collider was on Catalyst on the ABC last Thursday night at 8:30PM and I hope you've popped in for a look and to check out some Australian teams.

We are in tenth place in the world but other teams are starting to match and even exceed our growth. Please help us make a major contribution to science.

You can click the hyperlink to join LHC as a team member of BOINC@AUSTRALIA. We'd be very glad to have you join our team and our very friendly forum.

Click here to join the #1 Aussie Alliance on LHC.
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