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Message 17787 - Posted: 27 Aug 2007, 7:06:27 UTC
Last modified: 27 Aug 2007, 7:07:03 UTC

Don't know if this is possible but when an application is downloaded it would be good (for you) if the file did not have a .exe extension but was renamed once downloaded. Many company firewalls don't allow the downloading of .exe files. Such firewalls seem to prevent Boinc clients behind the firewall in participating in LHC@home.

Note this is all conjecture on my part it's not like I'd actually try this at work.

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Message 17788 - Posted: 27 Aug 2007, 12:46:26 UTC

I think that the best is to see this "problem" with your network admin.

Do you want to get banned for 31 years, your account and credits deleted at a Boinc project ? Predictor@home is your best choice.
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Message 17866 - Posted: 13 Sep 2007, 20:15:19 UTC

If your work proxy disallows downloading .exe files, you shouldn't be running BOINC. Ask for an exception to your IT manager to allow you downloading .exe's, if they don't let you, then don't.
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