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Message 17011 - Posted: 9 Jun 2007, 14:13:25 UTC
Last modified: 9 Jun 2007, 14:18:39 UTC

Please update the team pages to include this function which was added to BOINC a long time ago.

Many teams have had their founder stop participating for various reasons and are unable to contact the founder and unable to update the page which represents their team info and link to their team website.

I've been waiting 20 months now for this.

I need to do this for our team and I know of at least 2 others teams that wish this also.

If you cannot add this feature so teams can automatically do this without troubling the project team, can you at least find a way to manually do this for those that ask ?

Example: (from another project, where my request is pending, I have 7 more days to wait for the automatic transfer to finish)
Description Team for USA, All welcome
Web site
Members (with credit) 4
Total credit 1,001.74
Recent average credit 92.66
Founder Nubs
Country United States
Type Unclassified
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Our team page here:
Description Team for USA. All welcome.
Web site
Members (with AND without Credit) 252
Total credit 1,983,877.14
Recent average credit 8.39
Founder Belial
Country United States
Type Unclassified
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Accounts created via this URL will belong to this team and will have the project preferences of its founder
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Message 18566 - Posted: 6 Nov 2007, 17:35:36 UTC

Amen to that request. An up-to-date BOINC program so I can start contacting most of the members who have gone to other projects when this project had slowed down.

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Add Initiate team founder transfer option

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