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Message 13771 - Posted: 28 May 2006, 17:36:42 UTC

Please help!

I was a few month offline. During this time i've lost some of my account Datas.
Both are named "Miko" but with different Emailadresses.
One is, i know the PW and the long account id number. But this adress is no longer usable because i've delighted my AOL-Account.
So i created a new one: this adress i use in all other BOINC Projects. But i lost the LHC Password... and the id-code.

Is it possibile to merge these both accounts to one for me useable?
is it possibile to delight the Miko Emailadress "webmaster" account (if there are no or not mutch credits) so i could change the Emailadress of the other account... now it's impossibile becouse there is one with this adress!

Please send me an Info by Email, so i could return the code and Passwort for legitimation.

Thanx and regards
Miko - my home & Job - my team - "my" wiki - my "hobby"
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Message 13791 - Posted: 30 May 2006, 16:23:04 UTC

Merging accts can not be done at this time....
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