Questions and Answers : Windows : Unable to connect to any project
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Message 11852 - Posted: 6 Jan 2006, 19:57:25 UTC

I have downloaded BOINC to a computer with a always on broadband connection, but I can't connect to any project. Every time I type in the URL I am getting the error message: Localhost not found. I am also being prompted that the typed URL is incorrect, which is simply not true. Please help me out as it is getting on my nerves.
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Message 11858 - Posted: 7 Jan 2006, 11:46:00 UTC

It may be a firewall issue. The communications between the deamon and the manager are blocked by some firewalls.
Firewall and related

In the select computer dialog try leaving both entries blank. The URL is needed for the attach to project dialog.

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Message 11863 - Posted: 8 Jan 2006, 2:44:09 UTC

Do you have BOINC starting at boot? If so delete it from windows startup and reboot, that works for some people...

OK, the disconnected issue means that the BOINC manager is not able to talk to the BOINC daemon. Whether or not you are uploading/downloading/crunching at this point must be determined with the task list (I do not remember how to bring this up for 95/98/me).
The usual reason for this problem is that the BOINC manager is starting and trying to talk before the BOINC daemon is ready to listen. The usual fix is to wait a minute or two and see if connecting to "" or "localhost" or "" works.
If the above fails, then there is a possibility that the BOINC daemon is not starting. If that is the case, then staring it manually may help. If it is installed as a service, run "net start BOINC" from a command line. If it is installed as single or multi user, cd to the install directory, and run BOINC.exe. If it is now running, you are the victim of a bug that has hopefully been fixed in 5.1.
If it is still not working, you have a problem with one of the XML files, and you will probably have to delete the directory and start over. (I have seen this problem much less with 5.1).
You might also go to the BOINC folder and look for this file "gui rpc auth.cfg" open with word pad and change the password to one you like make sure you enter a return at the end and then save and reboot computer then try the local host entry in select computer popup..... Check your firewall.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Unable to connect to any project

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