Questions and Answers : Windows : Please delete account nr 13839
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Message 9694 - Posted: 28 Aug 2005, 10:29:04 UTC
Last modified: 28 Aug 2005, 10:33:23 UTC

Yesterday I experienced a weird problem: I re-attached to LHC@home after a longer period of inactivity for this project. At least I wanted to to this, but on one of my computers it didn't work at all. The error message in BOINC manager (v4.72) was a pop-up window saying that the web-adress for attaching wasn't the right one for a BOINC project. Of course I copied&pasted the right one and tried some more times, then I tried a new account, hoping this would solve the problem. Unfortunately it didn't, so now I've got two... Sorry. Please delete the new one with the account-number 13839 (username="schrott")!
And I would appreciate any suggestions for the attaching-prob of course, too. THX in advance.

[i]Edit: WIN XP Pro SP2, BOINC CC 4.72, no probs before[i]
Greetings from Cori
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Please delete account nr 13839

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