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Message 9381 - Posted: 13 Aug 2005, 16:00:27 UTC

I gather the client exits upon catastrophic failure (particle hitting the wall), but how about 'normal' failiure? Is there a set maximum radius a particle shouldn't cross or is it more of getting a finite number of states for a stable orbit (as opposed to infinite at a chaotic one)?

Could we visualize this better in the client with either a ring at maximum radius or glowing paths (to resemble this image:) <img></img>

Maybe we could we have a 2d view of the particles like that instead, since the current 3d view doesn't really tell much? (I'd like to see what direction is forwards for example)

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Gaspode the UnDressed

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Message 9778 - Posted: 31 Aug 2005, 17:24:33 UTC

The screen saver for LHC@Home doesn't display anything significant about the calculations it's doing. The display is more accurately decribed as a group of particles moving under the influence of mutual attraction.

There is no 'forward', as such. One can change the viewpoint of the screen saver, but this has no bearing on the calculations in progress.

Gaspode the UnDressed
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : More visual information?

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