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Message 9193 - Posted: 6 Aug 2005, 2:53:10 UTC
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Reposting my reply to Chrulles reply due to thread excessively long and really off this topic:Posted: 6 Aug 2005 0:23:09 UTC [Edit this post]
Last modified: 6 Aug 2005 1:39:34 UTC

Currently at being attached (99)% or so to your project, I am set at a 10 day cache with BOINC 4.45 and get roughly 3 days of work(slightly improved since some adjustment on your part of run times.)I am pretty sure that a reduction in deadline would do ME no harm,however others have other circumstances and AGAIN it is currently RIDICULOUS that I set at 10 days and get 3. Please further solve this situation BEFORE you change things.(deadlines)[EDIT] Would like to add if you need more efficiency rather than jack with the 2 week deadline try sending out those results getting no returns more OFTEN than shortening the deadline. Have had a bunch in (recent)past stuck with like 3 unsent workunits for up to 5-7 DAYS!Bang units resent and results received! Chrulle I would also like to say that many MANY people are attracted to the 2 week deadline.... don't be short-sighted by what a program tells you....only....and exactly... people are still people... Perhaps you need a psych major on your staff :)CPDN is a prime example of credit being taken lightly.....thier downfall was forewarned.... You have been successful so far...please keep it that way as I LOVE helping design a super-collider:)[EDIT]

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Posted: 5 Aug 2005 23:14:11 UTC

Our problem is exactly turnaround. We cannot do post analysis until we get all the WU in a study back. This may take as much as 6 weeks with a 14 day deadline. The idea with the automatic deadline estimater is that it will lower the deadline as long as it will not cause too big a dent in the throughput.

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