Questions and Answers : Windows : WU (submitted Aril 21st) still pending
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Message 8118 - Posted: 19 Jun 2005, 6:58:49 UTC

Look for instance at this WU : 94068

It still has the status of pending for me, but all other computers have gotten credit for them...

Why am I not given credit? I don't mind about the credit but it seems strange to me.... One interesting point is that they all have been submitted on the same date : April 21st

Here are all the pending WU's for which I have not been credited but others have :

96063 (me plus one other)
96060 (me plus one other)
96057 (me plus one other)
94064 (me plus one other)
94061 (me plus one other)
94060 (me plus one other)
94059 (me plus one other)
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Gaspode the UnDressed

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Message 10090 - Posted: 12 Sep 2005, 12:36:19 UTC

It looks like a case of the infamous file_DELETER bug. The file deleter was sometimes deleting files once quorum was reached (3 successful units), even if other units were still in progress. Affected units won't ever get credit.

The file_deleter was update on 4th August. I hope this problem's been fixed.

Gaspode the UnDressed
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Questions and Answers : Windows : WU (submitted Aril 21st) still pending

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