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Mikie Tim T

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Message 6390 - Posted: 5 Mar 2005, 0:55:52 UTC - in response to Message 6357.  

> Real drag though, in an hour, the workunit gets to about 90-94% completion
> when LHC swaps out, if the computer (or sixtrack) was just a snick faster, I'd
> manage to get that sucker done. Instead I find out 4 hours later that it
> restarted back at 0 again.
> Unless someone has a different solution, I'm going to have to detach LHC from
> BOINC. I hate to spend the effort on something that is just wasting resources
> that could be used to analyse the other 3 programs I'm running on BOINC.

Another thing you could consider doing, at least until they get this issue figured out, is to set the "Switch Between Applications Every xx Minutes" setting in your profile to something greater than what it is currently set to. That should let you finish the workunit you're working on, unless it's a really long running one. You may want to consider at least doubling what you currently have it set to.
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Message 6396 - Posted: 5 Mar 2005, 1:48:30 UTC

Most of the v64lhc type WU's finish under the 60 minute Switch & still report no Time back to the server ...
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Aurora Borealis

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Message 6411 - Posted: 5 Mar 2005, 6:04:11 UTC

The simplest solution I found was to set the switch time to 90 min. This guarantees that the v64lhc type WU's have time to finish before changing to another project. I've completed every WU since making the change. The processing time is anywhere from 5 min. to 75 min.

The v64boinc WU take about 6 hr on my system and have always restarted properly.

BTW do not use "leave in memory" option with W98 OS as there is problem of releasing some projects properly.

Questions? Answers are in the BOINC Wiki.

Boinc V6.10.56 Recommended
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