Questions and Answers : Windows : Interrupted download glitches CC v4.19
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Message 6114 - Posted: 25 Feb 2005, 19:30:31 UTC

My computer was in the midst of downloading the Sixtrack v4.64 program (2.6 MB), when my Internet connection got disconnected. When I returned to my computer to check on it, I reconnected to the Internet, and told BOINC to continue downloading the program.

BOINC apparently redownloaded the whole program and appended it to what it had already downloaded, resulting in a Sixtrack program some 4.4 MB in size. It then failed the WU (because of the bad program) and started repeatedly downloading and failing the program.

I then reset the project; this caused BOINC to delete everything but the Sixtrack program and redownload it. Observing the continued existence of the glitched program, I shut BOINC down, deleted the program, and started BOINC back up, whereupon it once again downloaded Sixtrack, but this time correctly.

Everything seems to be working fine now, but I think this situation needs to be passed on to the BOINC dev team.

Network setup:

Computer Router Cable Modem Internet

The disconnect occured at my cable modem.

Dell Latitude CPx
-Pentium 3 @ 500MHz, 128MB RAM
-Windows 98SE
-BOINC CC v4.19
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Interrupted download glitches CC v4.19

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