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Mark Rush

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Message 6103 - Posted: 25 Feb 2005, 13:12:57 UTC

In order to rejoin LHC, several days ago I detached from the project and then, using my old URL and account ID, tried to attach to LHC. This procedure worked on one of my computers but consistently does not work on the other. After appearing to attach to LHC (on the projects tab, BOINC correctly calculates the percentage of time to allocate to LHC and LHC looks like the other BOINC projects with the correct blue bar length), I get the following error message: - 2005-02-25 08:02:46 - Requesting 25309 seconds of work - 2005-02-25 08:02:46 - Sending request to scheduler: - 2005-02-25 08:02:49 - Scheduler RPC to succeeded - 2005-02-25 08:02:49 - SCHEDULER_REPLY::parse(): bad first tag Content-type: text/plain - 2005-02-25 08:02:54 - Resetting project - 2005-02-25 08:02:54 - Detaching from project

Both computers (the one that reattached successfully and the one that fails) are Windows XP; neither (to the best of my knowlwdge) has SP2 yet installed.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Message 6112 - Posted: 25 Feb 2005, 19:13:35 UTC

It's a glitch on the server side. When the server is overloaded by requests, it's supposed to send a message to clients that it's busy, can't talk to them right now, and to call back in 3600 seconds. Unfortunately, the message it generates is not completely XML-like, the way the BOINC client expects it.

Net result: Client goes "huh"? Just like you describe.

There should be a file in your BOINC directory, called "", which contains the server's message. You can look at it (with Notepad) if you want.

The only real solution right now is to try again at a different time.
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Profile Blank Reg

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Message 6113 - Posted: 25 Feb 2005, 19:16:51 UTC

You using this url to connect?

Be sure that you do not have any spaces in front or at the rear of url and id number.
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John McLeod VII

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Message 6131 - Posted: 26 Feb 2005, 4:18:13 UTC

The easy answer it to copy the file from the computer on which you have attached to the computer on which you have not. Restart BOINC. Your problem should be solved.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Detached and cannot reattach

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