Questions and Answers : Windows : Daily Quota Exceeded?
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Message 5869 - Posted: 22 Feb 2005, 16:40:16 UTC

I've been so used to LHC not having any work I haven't checked on it in ages. Today i noticed that my % dedication to it had finally reset to 1% and thought woohoo, checked the website, woohoo again there's work, but looking in my message log i'm being told that the "Daily Quota Exceeded".

I thought this might be that at 1% no work would get done so i've popped it back up to 100% to see if that fixed the problem. it didn't. Anyone have any ideas? or should i just leave LHC alone and let it download work when it can, rather than when the website is saying there's work available.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Daily Quota Exceeded?

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