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Message 5430 - Posted: 6 Dec 2004, 10:30:17 UTC

Hello there!

I wonder if there's an error in the BOINC GUI or the servers of LHC. The problem is:
After LHC was offline during maintenance so long the last days I have detached the project. Now it seems they are running normally and I've tried to attach to the project. But the GUI is getting me the messages: - 2004-12-06 11:13:59 - Message from server: Server can't open log file - 2004-12-06 11:14:15 - Resetting project
plus a popup window with: Check your account ID and try again.
But my account ID is correct and I can login to the stats of LHC normally.
So what's wrong?

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Message 5431 - Posted: 6 Dec 2004, 12:52:06 UTC

Nobody can connect to the lhc@home server. All have the same problem. The only chance you have, is to wait and watch the messageboard.

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Questions and Answers : Sixtrack : Can't attach to project

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