Badges for the ATLAS application

Following the BOINC community tradition, we provide "credits" : see the "state of the art" in the menu dedicated to our volunteers. Some give a lot for a while, some stay for long... We are providing badges for each type of contribution. Each of them tells a story about the Standard Model :

"TOP" volunteers are people who belong - for a while - to the "N % contributing most to the RAC" (Recent Average Credit). What better can we offer than... the top QUARK ?

Faithful volunteers are on the contrary rewarded for their perseverance. They will first follow day by day the steps of the discovery of each LEPTON, spread in reality over the XXth century.

Years of involvement ? here are the vector BOSONS, messengers of the forces, and the Higgs, discovered in 2012

What about rewarding the total CREDITS ? These will get you through the ATLAS subsystems Often compared to a russian doll, ATLAS main components are identified in this introductory video... which dates back to the beginning of run 1, and thus lacks two major players : the Higgs boson, and our brand new innermost subsystem, the IBL

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