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Ben Segal ("I've worked at CERN since 1971 and now carry on since my retirement (in 2002) as an...")
Markku Degerholm
Schatzalp Davos Switzerland ("Welcome to the Hotel Schatzalp Davos - one of Switzerland's most spectacularly situated...")
{CurlY BracketS} ("I have been crunching WUs for SETI@home since late 1999 and did the switch over to BOINC as...")
bluumi ("I'm from switzerland. Computer are my world. My age is more than 30 and less than 40...")
ksba ("Die Kantonsschule Baden ist eine auf eine breite Allgemeinbildung ausgerichtete Schule fuer...")
Nils Høimyr ("A sample profile with a URL reference:")
Balmer ("I'm from Switzerland. Thanks P.S.: My E-Mail Address:")
sEeerS ("blank")

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