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Ageless ("Machinae Supremacy, Indiscriminate Murder is Counter-Productive. (off A view from the end...")
[BOINCstats] Garindan ("I am a man of age of 32 year and am from The Netherlands ( GO BOINCstats team!!) Maried,...")
Darth Vader ("Dark Lord of the Sith. If there is extraterrestrial intelligence it can join me at the Dark...")
JaRski-S60R ("Aloha,<br> I'm Jarmo, live in Belgium but I'm Dutch :-) Born as a...")
Mr.Pernod ("I am a 30-something year old sys/networkadmin, living in the east of the...")
S@NL- Klaas van Dijk ("Hello, I'm a man from Holland. I'm working in the social securety as an adviser. My hobby...")
WimTea ("I'm a Dutch IT Pro with interests in DC, SF and the 'harder' sciences.")
R. Kuipers ("My name is Ruud Kuipers. My brother Jos Kuipers worked at CERN. He got an accidend...")
Roland ("I`m 40+. I studied Electro tech and electronics. Computers are my occupation and Physics...")

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