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Igor Zacharov ("I'm hard working guy with ambitions.")
groucho ("PhD in Physics")
Skip Da Shu ("")
taltamir ("Born on May 21st, 1984.")
Fuzzy Hollynoodles ("Hi, I'm Bouncer Jupiter and I'm a cat. My human, Fuzzy, calls me Bouncer, because I bounce...")
Mad Matt ("I am a musician and music teacher from Germany. Started many years ago on my first PC with...")
Christopher Herr ("Hi everyone, i am a 30+ year old business information scientist living near Stuttgart,...")
Mike Bader ("I'm from Michigan USA, just north of Detroit. I've been working in computers for over 30...")
WolWoy ("humaniod, age 60+; planet earth")
Carles Garcia ("Hola, vaig néixer el 1945 a Girona, del 1957 al 1963 vaig estudiar a la Universitat...")

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