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[AF>HFR] Linflaas ("Un coucou de Bordeaux ! Hi all :) I'm a french program-analyst, who made its own's PC (as...")
[AF>France>Est>Lorraine>Vosges] xter757288 ("Je m'appelle mickael , je susi francais . Je suis étudiant en droit à épinal . J'aime...")
xmal ("I\\\'m 39, French, I like sports, motorcycle, friends,... Education is my main activity, in...")
[AF>France>Astro]Mandrake ("Je vis en région Parisienne (France) je m'interresse à l'Astronomie, et à la...")
[AF>France>TDM>Centre]Jeannot Le Tazon ("On verra plus tard pour les infos persos.")
[AF_FRANCE_ALPES] Philibert ("Né en avril 1950, magasinier, passionné d'Astronomie et d'informatique.")
OlaV_Ouafouaf ("Biker, computer developper of new electrical cars, Active actor to prevents...")
[AF>France>Est>Lorraine]Emmanuel ("Hi, I am a french postdoc working in material science, currently in US. My hobbies...")
tip_trippy ("After a PhD in physics, i'm now working in IT. Some kind of nostalgia and a will to stay...")
darkoneko ("<BR>Wolfgang, 23 years old, from France. <BR>I know, I's quite an...")

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