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tiker ("About me... well.. I'm a boring guy. I live in Ontario, Canada, married with two step...")
Thierry Van Driessche ("I am born in 1952 in Belgium in a town where the first population of it goes back to the...")
ThePhantom86 ("I'm from a little town outside of Waco, TX called McGregor but I moved to Indiana in April...")
The Gas Giant ("I have a wonderful 5 year old and when I explained to him about the earth, moon, planets,...")
The Ox ("<p>Well, I'm not sure where to begin...</p> <p>I'm a graduate of the...")
Thomas Krajewsky
taltamir ("Born on May 21st, 1984.")
Trane Francks ("I'm the author of BOINCprog, which can be found at Trane's Programming Projects:...")
ThEfT ("Hi, my name is Manuel. I'm born in 1980 and originally from Germany (near Heidelburg /...")
tip_trippy ("After a PhD in physics, i'm now working in IT. Some kind of nostalgia and a will to stay...")

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