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Remember911 ("I am an A+ certified computer technician and have 30 years experience in the servicing of...")
Rytis ("I'm the administrator of Message@Home project.")
rbpeake ("I live in a suburb of New York City with my wife, 2 girls, 2 cats, 2 dwarf hamsters, one...")
RickRack - Die Steinlatte ("I was born on a cold February afternoon in 1978 in a little town called Hoyerswerda. What?...")
Redshift ("Visit one of my web sites Or check out a program I recently...")
RKidson ("Distributed computing is destined to be the future of computer technology. I am delighted...")
ripper0289 ("I'm thirty four years old, a Registered Nurse, and I jump out of airplanes for fun. And...")
Rebirther ("")
Razorirr ("i hail from the most boring state in the U.S.A. scince there is nothing to do i read...")
Ray Murray ("I\'ve been Boincing since 2004 afer graduating from Seti Classic. I\'ve been on quite a few...")

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