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Nikolay A. Saharov ("My name is Nikolay. I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. I'm 27 years old. I work...")
Narwhal ("52-year-old male from the North Coast, working for the government. Been building computer...")
Nick Brown ("Age 43 Occupation, Aerospace Metals Analyst. Hobbies, Formula 1 ")
Nicolas Marschall ("I am a 22 year old university student from Meersburg (Germany). That's an historic town at...")
NegraBytes ("Meine Hobbies? programmieren, zocken, schlafen, programmieren, zocken, schlafen ;-)")
Nightbird ("Addicted to Boinc, maybe..")
Neil Woodvine
novalis ("La preoccupazione dell'uomo e del suo destino devono sempre costituire l'interesse...")
nubz ("I\'m a dog. I have no tail. I like Spam.")
Nathan J Marcus ("I'm living currently in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, USA. I am also a high school student at...")

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