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Last updated 11 Dec 2017, 16:20:20 UTC

Laguna ("I started to work for distributed computing in 1997 with the SETI@Home project. Afterwards...")
Liberto [Valencia] ("I am a citizen of the world, born in Spain, educated in Mexico, travelled all over the...")
Leprechaun ("I come from Rheinfelden nearness border to Switzerland and France and am 53 years. Komme...")
Logan5@SETI.USA ("I am a 39 year old Tier III Tech Support Team Lead from the San Francisco Bay Area region...")
Lee Carre ("Hi, I'm a 20 year old male from Jersey (which is a small (45 square mile) island between...")
Lord Tedric ("Just a (not literally) little fish in a big pond. Do not want to be noticed, Just want to...")
LucaB76 - BOINC.Italy ("Born in 1976 in Pisa, Italy, I am an amateur astronomer with a great passion for the Solar...")

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